I am an Illustrator and Traditional Animator. A graduate of the College for Creative Studies, receiving a BFA with honors in Traditional Animation, I have also had the opportunity to train under of some of the film industry’s best artists, illustrators, and animators at the Art Academy of Los Angles: Associates in Arts.

Through the animation industry, I’ve worked with Thunderbean Animation, whose clients included Disney (The Proud Family), Cartoon Network (Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law), among others. In Chicago I worked at Calabash Animation where I worked on various Trix and Lucky Charms commercials.

As a Graphic Artist I’ve done various commissioned works locally with various churches (United International Christian Church), schools (Bishop Foley High School, the University of Detroit Mercy), and the American Red Cross.

In addition, as an Illustrator, I can produce art in various media for print, magazines, cartoon strips, children’s books, album covers… basically whatever the project would need done. Illustrating in various media, my clients have come from all over the world, from Detroit to Bornea in South East Asia, to Japan, Australia, England, and all over the US.

I also was the lead comic strip artist (Skippin’ on Campus) at the University of Detroit Mercy’s weekly newsletter for a couple of years.

As of recently I’ve been doing Commissioned Illustrations and graphics for the Props and Costuming communities.

Add to this list, I am also an adjunct instructor at the College for Creative Studies CE program teaching Animation Character Development for college credit, along with Drawing, Cartooning, and Claymation. At Oakland Community College, I am also the
instructor for Animation I and Animation II.

My strength is my versatility to draw and design in any style. From quirky and cartoony to contemporary, hip and stylized, I can provide whatever is needed for a project. From pre-production (Character model sheets, Turnarounds, Concept art) to actual production (Lead Animating, Character Layout, BG Design and Layout) I would be a valuable asset to any show or production.

What can you expect?
Innovation and Creativity,
Technical Proficiency and Skill,
Timeliness and Completeness, and
Strong Interpersonal and Communication Skills!!!

Contact Information
Raymond Apuada
Detroit, Michigan
United States

Please Contact:
Raymond Apuada
Voice: 248-790-5160

Recent Clients

  • Disney
  • Cartoon Network
  • Hyperion Studios
  • J.J. Sedelmaier
  • Thunderbean Animation
  • Calabash Animation
  • College for Creative Studies


  • Animatics
  • Character Design
  • Films
  • Games
  • Logos
  • Storyboards
  • Visual Development

Hungry to learn more?…Here is where you can contact me. In addition my resume and additional art samples are available upon request.