One thought on “Animation Drawings

  1. We are coming out with a “Sketch Artist” Promotional Trading Card Series limited to only 150!!! The series will show sketches of the jester girl character, “Jack” with each different card done by a different sketch artist! The series is mainly meant to promote the Sketch Artist themselves. And on the back of each card will be a brief description of the artist along with possible other works and their contact information. Over 20 artists have already started making sketches and there will be many more to follow as the series is constantly ongoing!

    If you are a sketch card artist, either professional or just starting out, and would like to be a part of this great set, just send an e-mail to [email][/email] for more information.

    I believe the next 9 cards from the set should be printed by at least the end of May.

    I forgot to mention that as a thank you for doing a sketch card for us, we will be mailing you 100 of your printed card to you for free! And since it is a never ending ongoing series, there is NO DEADLINE! So all you artists out there living in the U.S. or oversees, contact us by email or send us a PM to get your cards printed.

    If anything, you can add another set to your list that you’ve been a part of!


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